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December 2, 2011

Well, I was going to sit down and continue reading Agatha Christie's Crooked House. However, I decided to check the comments here and look around at what is going on in the tech world, which I have been ignoring in my posts recently. Well I made a few interesting finds to discuss and one of those topics will be brought up today.

In an article from Channel Insider, The writer was going on about things that they wanted Apple to do. However, I disagree with most of the list. Just like many Windows zealots, the author thinks that Apple is just a software and mobile device company. Now, I am not saying that the author is infatuated with Windows, but I do not see Linux fans make these kinds of suggestions. As far as Apple and the Linux community is concerned, I have only heard of two things the Linux community wanted, which is iTunes for Linux, since many have an iPod or iOS device, and the continuation of Shake for Linux. Here is my response to the proposed items.

  1. Build a smaller iPad
    They already do make a smaller version. It is called the iPod Touch. The iPad has always been as always will be an oversized iPod Touch. Yes, I do have an iPad and enjoy it, but I still see it as an oversized iPod Touch. True, it is not a 7-inch model, but making a 7-in model is pointless and just makes for another thing iOS developers have to target for iPad-exclusive apps.
  2. Build a bigger iPhone
    The iPhone is are really simple enough to use already and I do not see a need for it to be bigger. If somebody needs a larger size, use an iPad. Besides, who really needs a bigger screen to make phone calls. Also, this would make this a bit harder for me as I already written two iPhone apps. Making a bigger one just means I need to test another device. It is not like Android, where the program automatically scales to fit the screen, unless the developer says otherwise.
  3. Offer music streaming over the web
    This is probably one of the few items, if not only the on item, I agree with. However, I have my doubts that the music industry would like to have both this option and the option to actually have music on devices. This will certainly make it so that people would not need to worry about the size of their music library.
  4. Take on Netflix
    I doubt this would be any good. I am already dissatisfied with how much I need to pay Netflix every month, since they do not offer a bundle deal. Their reason for this is the movie and television industry wanting more money. I doubt Apple is going to even provide a better option, considering how greedy that industry is these days.
  5. Undercut competitors on Mac Sales
    Apple needs to balance its budget in a way that more profits come than expense. They could just throw in any old hardware, just like many other OEMs do, but that would not be smart. They might not get the hardware that is best suited for the operating system and the components might not fit in the cases they make. Because of that, I doubt for a few of the designs of their lines that they could easily find hardware to fit and be optimized for the OS at cheap prices. I think they should just allow their authorized retailers to offer them a bit cheaper, but not a good a idea to allow too much of a price difference.
  6. License OS X
    The Mac OS may work on hardware other than what Apple designated, as evidenced by the Hackintosh community, but I just do not agree with this statement. Apple is not Microsoft and Microsoft is not Apple. I am not saying this because I think Apple is the best company around. I am saying this because Apple is a hardware and a software company. The bulk of their income comes from hardware sales, although they do make a killing on things like FCP, which may change due to dissatisfied in user interface changes. Yes, they do make a lot off of iTunes, but the way they are setup is not one that will benefit from this move. Remember the 90's, when Apple was barely hanging on? Mac clones existed at that time and part of what saved Apple was the killing off of those clones.
  7. Bring Macbook Air stylings to Macbook Pro Line
    This one, I am on the fence. I never really liked the MBA. After all, I still use optical media to backup data and the MBA does not have that. On the other hand, it may look good. The things that will not allow it though is the motherboard. After all, motherboards determine the case form factor and what components can be used in the computer. Not only is the motherboard a problem, but I do not think that SSDs equal the current capacities of HDDs. I could be wrong, but I got an MBP instead of an MBA because of storage capacity and an optical disc drive. I could not go for a PC because my Adobe software is for the Mac and I am not sure I can get the current version of my Adobe suite for Windows, since I use CS3 and InDesign is the only CS4 product I have.
  8. Hold off on iPad 3
    It would certainly be a good idea. I would not buy an iPad 3. It is not that I hate the possibility of an iPad 3. I just think it is too soon to get one. Those that upgrade to iPhone 4S might not be able to upgrade to 5, without breaking their contract, but that is just up to the carrier's terms. iPad 3 might face the same uphill battle, at least for those who have an 3G+WiFi iPad 2. As for me, I use my iPad mainly to read books and test iOS apps, although I do mess around on it a few times.
  9. Acquire a web giant
    Again, Apple is not Microsoft and Microsoft is not Apple. When Steve Jobs regained control of Apple, the company was focused on too many things. There was the Newton, which I have no experience with, licensing of Mac OS, and a whole horde of other products that it ended up bleeding out money. Steve shut down many product lines and told them, according to his biography, to focus on only certain areas. That is a smart decision, as products will not be very good, if the company is overloaded with too many projects to maintain. They should just focus on what they do best.
  10. About that Television…
    This is a no go, in my opinion. Apple already has the AppleTV in which the services mentioned could already be integrated. Also, it is not a good idea to just start new projects out of nowhere. That is how Apple almost died and now that Jobs is dead, there is probably nobody that can revive it.

What are your opinions on this matter? Do you agree with me? Feel free to comment.

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