Filming at Pacific Beach

July 11, 2012


Yesterday was pretty much uneventful, but there was definitely one thing that made the day interesting. Usually, nothing much happens around Pacific Beach. There is the usual fishing and Surfing. However, I was lucky enough this year to be in San Diego during Comic Con.

When it comes to comics, I am more of a fan of manga than American comics. However, Comic Con deals with more than just American comics, since companies like FUNimation are having sales going on during the time frame of the event. As I have not ever attended Comic Con before, I can really say what the focus is on, but there should be booth for manga, if FUNimation had a sale, since much of the anime series they license started as manga, or Japanese comics, such as Detective Conan (Case Closed).


Even though I never been to Comic Con before, this was definitely my first exposure. As I said earlier, nothing really much happens in Pacific Beach, but this year's visit was different. Due to Comic Con, there was a camera crew going to various parts of California. The said camera crew set up shop near the condo I was staying at during my trip to San Diego. My family was all wondering what was going on, think it was filming for a television show or movie, but we were wrong.


As it turned out, it was live filming of a series of videos that were to be broadcasted on YouTube where people were being interviewed, but I did not recognize anybody being interviewed. That does not mean that none of the readers here do not know they people being interviewed. However, I did hear them talk about Star Wars, which clued me in on the fact that this had something to do with Comic Con.

For such an uneventful day, this sure has made things interesting. Maybe, something else exciting will take place, but this was enjoy excitement for the day.

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