HP Photosmart 6510 Review

January 9, 2012


The first week of the new year has come and gone. So far, I have wasted it a bit playing The Sims 3. However, I did not forget about this blog. Today, I thought that I would post a review on last tech-oriented thing I got for Christmas, which is the HP Photosmart 6510.

The Photosmart 6510 is an AirPrint/Wireless all-in-one printer. Supposedly, it can both scan and print wirelessly, even printing from the Internet. Not much else can be said to describe it.

My old printer, the Photosmart C3180, had been acting up for a while, giving copying problems, then eventually not printing at all. That was when I decided to get a new printer. I wanted it to have AirPrint, in addition to wireless. I pretty much liked it from day one. I liked the fact that I could print off Sudoku puzzles, which I do enjoy solving in my spare time. Also, it was very easy to set up, with no need to ever connect via USB. People do enjoy things that are easy to set up. I also like how I could check ink levels right from the printer or via a computer, whatever I so chose. Printing wirelessly worked, but it took me two tries to figure out how. The printer was easy to set up and never needed to be connected via USB.

I cannot say that there is a whole lot that I dislike, but there is one thing that annoys me. Most of my problems, mainly AirPrint and scanning, were due to my router, not the device, as discussed in an earlier post. So, I cannot have those count against the printer, as that was not where the problem source was. If anything, my biggest issue is a different aspect and that is scanning. The issue I mentioned earlier is not related to this, as the computer was not detecting the scanner until I got the new router. No, it is different matter in scanning. Supposedly, according to the manual, I should be able to scan to my computer from the printer's interface. However, every time I tried, my printer would not detect my computer, even though it was not asleep. It does not matter, now that my computer detects the printer via Preview and Image Capture, but it means that I have to go back and forth, just like my old setup, which required a medium, such as a server. I do enjoy the ability to print wirelessly, but the fact that the manual says I can do something, but not really functioning in practice is a bit annoying. It could be that I did not do something correctly, but that is unknown. After all, HP did not have any data for my platform, outside of it should just work. Ironically, that is what the people at Fry's said as well about my problems with AirPrint. The only thing bad is that my printer cannot scan to a computer via its own interface, like the manual says I can, but because of the fact my computer senses it due to a new router, I can live with it.

There is not much to say about this printer, outside of its easy setup. With the only bad thing being that the printer does not detect my computer, which may not be an issue with the printer, there is no reason to call this a bad product. For those that want a wireless scanner and printing, AirPrint, and easy setup, I would certainly recommend this product. As I could not find very much bad, though it does exist, I am not too sure who should avoid this product, unless they hate HP.

What do you think about the printer? Do you hate it or like it? Feel free to comment.

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