Book Review: Peril at End House

January 10, 2012


Well, it looks like the stability issues of the server have not been entirely resolved, but they are not happening quite frequently, at least. Well, I got a book recently from Barnes & Noble. Sadly, I could not find it in print on the shelves, so I could read it in print and/or on a portable device. Today, I will be reviewing the book, which is called Peril at End House by Agatha Christie.

Hercule Poirot has supposedly claimed himself to be retired from the scene of investigating criminal activity. However, when he comes across a woman who had been shot at, while she was talking with Captain Hastings, Poirot's assistant, and himself, he becomes involved in an investigation of preventing murder. Some time later, during a party to view fireworks, one of the members of the group is killed, making Poirot think that the killer had mistakenly killed the wrong person. Now, Hercule Poirot must track down the murderer before another death happens.

I really did enjoy this story. This one literally led me astray, unlike Crooked House, which made it obvious by mentioning a habit of killers, then displaying it, or even Mysterious Affair at Styles, where my first guess was correct. As it will spoil it for many people, I will not say what led me astray. What was also nice about this was that it showed that Poirot made mistakes in the case too. However, he did not act on the wrong conclusion. He continued pushing every avenue possible until he reached the true answer. This definitely showed that he had an open mind things, just as he stated in the book. A person that accepted no other possibility, such as those who say that the Theory of Evolution or the Big Bang Theory are the only possibilities of origin that makes senses, would have just jumped on their conclusions. Sometimes, those people are right, but more often they are wrong. This book had a surprising ending and showed that Poirot was not the perfect detective people in his world thought, but he did not settle on wrong conclusions and only stuck to the facts.

There is not really anything bad that can be said about the book. Things were how they were supposed be, since Poirot is a foreigner of the country where he investigates cases and the writing makes enough sense for the language of the target audience. The errors were either at acceptable level or something that may not be the same in my country as it it in England, where it was originally published. The only problem I had was about something that did not make sense. However, as I do not think I can avoid major spoilers, as it is part of the ending, I will not be discussing it. The book does not really have anything bad about it, at least that can be mentioned.

The book led me astray, yet it also contained something that did not make sense. I cannot really find anything majorly wrong with the book though, which is nice. For those looking for something surprising in mystery or detective fiction, I certainly recommend this book.

What are your opinions on this book? Was there anything that you did not like about it? Feel free to comment.

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