Book Review: Peril at End House

January 10, 2012


Well, it looks like the stability issues of the server have not been entirely resolved, but they are not happening quite frequently, at least. Well, I got a book recently from Barnes & Noble. Sadly, I could not find it in print on the shelves, so I could read it in print and/or on a portable device. Today, I will be reviewing the book, which is called Peril at End House by Agatha Christie.

Book Review: The Lost Hero

December 24, 2011

Lost Hero Cover

Well, it is now Christmas Eve over here and I hope you all are having a good day. As for me, I just got back from probably the least satisfying trip. I say that because we only went to see family over the course of two days, and on the second day, we were there for almost 12 hours. Fortunately, that trip is not what today's topic is about. A little while back, I purchased what I believe was my first ebook purchase from Barnes & Noble. Today, I will be reviewing that book, called The Lost Hero by Rickā€¦

KDP Select

December 12, 2011

Since I publish directly to the Kindle store, I get information from Amazon on the new stuff for those that distribute ebooks via Amazon. Recently, I got an e-mail talking about KDP Select. Today, I am putting up thoughts on the idea, but I cannot give a reliable view, since I have not used it.