KDP Select

December 12, 2011

Since I publish directly to the Kindle store, I get information from Amazon on the new stuff for those that distribute ebooks via Amazon. Recently, I got an e-mail talking about KDP Select. Today, I am putting up thoughts on the idea, but I cannot give a reliable view, since I have not used it.

Book Review: Crooked House

December 5, 2011


It looks like Christmas season is coming. While out and about, I bought my mother a present, but I will not say, as she may be looking at this some time. To get it, I used up the last of a gift card I received last month to partially pay for it. On that same day, I purchased a print copy of the book I was currently reading. I was close to finishing it that day though. Today, I will be posting a review of that book, which is called Crooked House by Agatha Christie.

Book Review: Free as in Freedom

December 1, 2011


I was hoping to get to this earlier, but I was preoccupied with converting posts up tthrough November into ebook format. That should remind me not to wait until there are fifteen posts to backup. Anyway, on November 29th, I finished a new book I had purchased Barnes & Noble. Today, I am going to review that book, which is called Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software by Sam Williams.