Book Review: Another

September is coming to an end, and looking through the archives, this has been the most active I have been for some time since February, but who knows what October will be like. Speaking of October, things seem to have been timed quite well. I recently got three books. So far, two have been covered, […]

Book Review: Another Volume 2

It has been a while since I did a book review, huh? Due to how I obtain books, I do not usually get books on the day or week they are first released. However, I am pretty lucky this time around. Back in May, I found out that the novel version of a series I […]

Book Review: Another Volume 1

Last year, when this site first got its domain name, I was covering a series that was being simulcasted at the time and ended up liking it enough to check out its original source. When I was looking around at the series, I found out that the original source had been officially licensed and purchased […]

Anime Review: Another

Well, because of the issues I mentioned in the last post, I did not make an ebook archive of March and since the show that I have been following aired the last episode for free this week, I decided that I would include the posts I currently have for April in the archive. Anyway, as […]

Anime Review: Another Episode 12

Well, it looks like that for the first time in a while I had issues with WAN (Internet) access, which explains why this blog was not very accessible at the end of March. Luckily, the server’s network connection was stable, so that was all that was troublesome. Anyway, all things must come to an end […]

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