Importance of Choosing the Right Software

Recently, I switched from a Mac back over to Windows, and as some of you may know, it was actually pleasant experience. However, things were not always great, not because of my choice in hardware, which can cause some grief, especially when one wants to tinker with their computers, but because of another factor in […]

God & Religion

Things seem to be going pretty well right now, though I do tend to have my own problems, one of which I had to somewhat express to the people that I was doing that church publication for. For now, it seems that I can get back to focusing on mainly what I enjoy doing, such […]

Beware of Optimism

In my last post, I made mention that I have pretty much neglected one of the topics. Of course, that was because topics do not always come to my mind that interest me so much, or are important to think about in any kind of perspective that I can give for one reason another. However, […]

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