Importance of Choosing the Right Software

Recently, I switched from a Mac back over to Windows, and as some of you may know, it was actually pleasant experience. However, things were not always great, not because of my choice in hardware, which can cause some grief, especially when one wants to tinker with their computers, but because of another factor in […]

Software Review: Windows 10

It has been quite a while, huh? Well, a ton of things have distracted me, such as playing around with Windows 10, playing games on my iPad, and maintaining the needs of a church I attend, which were printing out the schedule for the first of three regular meetings and sending out a regular email, […]

First Week with Mountain Lion

Well, it has been practically been a week since I upgraded to Mountain Lion, no matter how one looks at it. I was considering continuing to review the Detective Conan (Case Closed) episodes, but I thought that something different would be more interesting. Today, I thought that I would talk about how my experience with […]

Flash 11 Without Snow Leopard

For the first time in a while, I was finally able to get two posts in one week. This year, one of my family members was having an issue with a site that required the latest version of Flash. Today, I will be discussing how the issue was resolved. My home mainly consists of Apple […]

SQLite: Android

Man, things have been busy, since I had to find out how to implement SQLite in both iOS and Android, which was also my first experience of creating database back-ends outside of PHP + MySQL. However, since people other than myself have had troubles with SQLite on Android, today, I thought I would go over […]

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