Anime Review: Another Episode 4

Finally, I caught up to where I left off. It was not too hard, as I watched the available ones quickly. Now, I will only be will to make reviews when I can. Today, I will review episode 4 of Another. Since I gave a synopsis of the show in an earlier post, I will […]

Anime Review: Another Episode 3

It looks like I am making good progress on catching up to where I am currently at in the show I am currently watching. As I said, there are currently four episodes available for streaming freely. Today, I am going to review episode 3 of Another. Since I covered the show synopsis in an earlier […]

Anime Review: Another Episode 2

Trying to catch up on this series, I decided to write reviews for two episodes within a short time, but I’m not going to post my reviews as I write them. Instead I am going to spread out over the span of a few days or so. Today, I am going to review the second […]

Anime Review: Another Episode 1

Well, I have not been doing well on maintaining this blog a whole lot. The server has been going down frequently (which hopefully is fixed now due to moving it to a new location), thus I set up a kind of mirror-type blog over at Blogger, which I still hate to this day. I might […]

Book Review: Peril at End House

Well, it looks like the stability issues of the server have not been entirely resolved, but they are not happening quite frequently, at least. Well, I got a book recently from Barnes & Noble. Sadly, I could not find it in print on the shelves, so I could read it in print and/or on a […]

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