Anime Review: A Certain Scientific Railgun S

September 30, 2013


Well, this is sad, but as I said before, everything must come to an end some time.

Since April, there was a show that I have been covering every week. Today, I will be reviewing that show, which is called A Certain Scientific Railgun S.

As the Railgun series has yet to end, I think the series synopsis for the first season suits this season as well.


I kind of liked this show. The Sisters arc was very enjoyable. In fact, it was much better than its manga counterpart, which starts in volume 4 and ends in volume 7, though it was faithful. This is because I could actually feel the emotions and the fights happened in real time. The pacing was pretty good as well. I also liked how the events of the Railgun manga and the Magical Index anime were merged into the arc. It really felt like I was getting the full picture of what was going on, thus making me actually want to root for Touma, as opposed to see him finally die. Another nice thing was that Misaka 10032 could not stand on her own feet easily during the final confrontation with Accelerator. No, I am not a heartless person to want innocent people to suffer, but in the Magical Index anime, which I mentioned in my review of episode 15 and my review of the first Magical Index series, Misaka 10032 not only appeared to be standing on her own feet but also uninjured even though she was badly beaten by Accelerator, which ended up ruining everything. The thing that I liked most about the Sisters arc though was that unlike the Level Upper arc, which aired during the first season and corresponds to volumes 1 through 3 of the manga, there was only one thing that I think could have made things better. Because of this fact, I have to say that J.C. Staff did a nice job handling this series. The fact that the Sisters arc was adapted faithful and things made more sense than the Magical Index version made this a decent show.


Although I liked the show, there are certainly some issues. However, aside from the things that could not be helped due to episodes being air weekly, such as episode 3 not being that exciting, there is only one thing that bugged me. The filler arc was a huge disappointment. It started out great and I thought that people already telling others to skip the filler were going to be wrong. However, at episode 23, my opinion of the arc changed so much that I would rather watched the Poltergeist arc over the Silent Party arc because that seemed to be so much better. Yes, I know that things should have started winding down because it was the penultimate episode, as I stated in my review of that episode, but it was one of the worst ways to do it. However, the worst part of the arc was the final episode, because things did not really make sense, such as ITEM coming to Misaka's rescue, because they were enemies at first. True, they were involved with STUDY's experiments, but as a reason why they helped Misaka, that still does not make any sense. Due to this fact, I will have to reluctantly agree with those that thought the filler arc was pointless. While the Silent Party arc started out nicely, the way it ended ruined my enjoyment of the show a bit.

Despite the fact that the Silent Party arc was disappointing, the Sisters arc was handled well enough that the show was still worth watching, and maybe purchase when it gets dubbed. I only recommend this to fans of A Certain Scientific Railgun, though I think fans of both Magical Index and Railgun should watch the Sisters arc of this show.

What are your thoughts on A Certain Scientific Railgun S? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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