Anime Review: Another Episode 1

February 6, 2012

Well, I have not been doing well on maintaining this blog a whole lot. The server has been going down frequently (which hopefully is fixed now due to moving it to a new location), thus I set up a kind of mirror-type blog over at Blogger, which I still hate to this day. I might go over my dislike of Blogger another day, since my original one is out-dated with a few false, or possibly false, weaknesses to how Blogger currently is these days. Right now, I am going to try to change the lack of updates by trying to continue what I tried to start last year.

As I stated in my review on the Apple TV, I watch anime more often than the stupid prime time shows, as the latter has absolutely no story to it. Some anime suffers from this too, but I generally give the anime I watch a chance and watch it until the end. I have dropped a few shows, but it happens more often due to the fact that I have not watched them in a while, so I kind of forget about them. Today, I will be reviewing an anime I just recently started viewing, which is called Another.


In the year 1998, a boy, Kouchi Sakakibara, moves to his mother's hometown to live with his grandparents and attend his third year of junior high at Yomiyama North Middle School, due to his father being on a business trip in India. Before, he could start school, he is hospitalized for a collapsed lung, which his father also suffered from. Later, Kouchi gets on a elevator and meets a girl named Mei Misaki, who was visiting the morgue for some reason. The strange thing is that she goes to his school, yet nobody can see her except for him. From Mei herself, Kouchi finds out that there is something up with Misaki, but he does not know what.

Unlike The Mystic Archives of Dantalian, I seemed to have caught this one pretty early in its run, since it has only four episodes available online, unless you want to pay $7/month (USD (includes ad-free streaming and 3G access, in addition to the supposed same day as Japan benefit)), as of the writing of this review, so I might not drop it, unless I forget about it, like I did with Mystic Archives.


So far, I am enjoying this show and have watched all four of the freely available episodes. The manga, which it is based on, bills itself as a horror series and I certainly get that feeling. The aura about Misaki seems to definitely hint some creepiness, which we get introduced to in this episode. The school itself definitely gets that feel too due to the outside scenery and the atmosphere of class 3. I'm not too sure how correct this is, but in most of Japanese media portrays students staying in one classroom and the teachers rotate between classes, unlike most schools in the United States. That is the reason why students in most manga and anime say they belong to first year class 2 or first year class A. Anyway, people seem to claim the Mei does not exist, yet nobody ever sits in the seat that she claims. Many of the classes also supposedly have P.E. together, but class 3 has P.E. alone, adding further to the creepy atmosphere of class 3. In addition to the creepy atmosphere, I think everything was done right for a pilot episode. We were introduced to many of the important players, such as Misaki, Kouchi, and class 3. Uncertainties were stirred up, especially to due what Misaki meant when she talked about meeting her other half in the morgue, and what is associated with Kouchi's family name referring to a cruel and irrational death. The episode seems to do everything right for a pilot episode and brings out the creepy feeling an audience should get from something in the horror genre.


As this is only the first episode that we are discussing, there is not a whole lot that I can say is bad about the show. Nothing really seems to be wrong with it anyway, but that is likely to change the further.

As this is still an on-going series with less than ten episodes, I am not too sure who I would recommend this to. However, due to the fact that the manga is categorized as horror and the feeling was how it should be, I would certainly recommend those that are fans of horror to watch this anime. The pilot is good enough that it warrants a look by others, but I most likely will not have any other good reasons to watch this until it ends.

What is your opinion on Another? Do you disagree or agree with my views on the pilot episode? Have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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