Anime Review: Another Episode 2

February 7, 2012


Trying to catch up on this series, I decided to write reviews for two episodes within a short time, but I'm not going to post my reviews as I write them. Instead I am going to spread out over the span of a few days or so. Today, I am going to review the second episode of Another.

Since I provided my summary of the show in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


In this episode, Kouchi is an art class and talking with a few of the friends he met in the last episode. However, Misaki is not amongst the group. Later, his classmates almost tell Kouchi exactly what had happened, which would have explain the creepy atmosphere surrounding both Misaki and class, but they stop before anything could be said. Moments afterwards, Kouchi finds Misaki in a library and tries to find out what he is doing. Kouchi is then questioned about whether he lived in the town before or not. Finally, in order to find out where Misaki lives, Kouchi follows her after school, but not before asking the nurse if she knew Misaki.


Like the last episode, I enjoyed this one. The creepy atmosphere still seemed to be present and the focus on the uncertainty certainly keeps things interesting. I also liked his curiosity, although he does not know at this point whether Misaki is dead or alive. It was also interesting that the phone conversation between the nurse and Kouchi became full of static when they were talking about Misaki. Right now, it just seems like coincidence, so hopefully it is explained later. Yes, I may have a better idea, but I do not wish to spoil it for anybody that has not watched the show yet. The creepy atmosphere continues as it should and we have some things that seem like coincidence, which adds to the suspense.


There still is not a whole lot to discuss that is bad, at least that knocks down the series. After all, this is still technically the beginning of the show. Kouchi is still a new kid, so it makes sense that people do not want to discuss the past with him. So, nothing seems too bad, as of yet, but that may change a bit.

Again, this being the second episode, I am still not sure who to recommend watch the series. However, it still does fit the horror area pretty well, so this is still a definite for fans of horror. I certainly still recommend giving this a try though.

What are your thoughts on episode 2 of Another? Do you disagree or agree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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