Anime Review: Another Episode 12

April 2, 2012


Well, it looks like that for the first time in a while I had issues with WAN (Internet) access, which explains why this blog was not very accessible at the end of March. Luckily, the server's network connection was stable, so that was all that was troublesome. Anyway, all things must come to an end eventually. No, I am not closing down this blog yet, and probably will not until the time comes that there is no more freedom in the world. I am talking about the show I have been watching during the start of this year. Today, I will be reviewing episode 12 of Another.

As I gave a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


In this episode, everyone is either killed, being killed, killing, or trying to get out of the fire that erupted last episode. Akazawa makes good on her threat from last episode and tries to kill Misaki, but Kouichi saves her. However, the struggle between Misaki and Akazawa does not last long because lightning strikes, which causes glass to shatter. After Akazawa dies, Kouichi tries to contact Misaki who tells him not to come to her because he will regret it. Despite the warning, Kouichi still goes to Misaki and discovers the true identity of the dead one.


I enjoyed this episode a lot. Most of the questions have been answered, including the fact that Reiko and Mikami were definitely connected. It was also nice that we got to see what Misaki called the color of death. We saw her look at the photo of Yomiyama Misaki's photo, but we did not get to really see the color of death until this episode. It was also nice to find out exactly why Kouichi was in Yomiyama 1.5 years earlier, which was answered by Misaki, and realized by Kouichi. It was different though from the manga, which this show is not based off of. Misaki stated here that she witnessed Reiko get killed, but she did not say anything like that in the manga. I am not too sure how the novel, which is the original source, portrays this though, since there have not been translations, either officially or through fan-based sources, of the novel itself. The ending was satisfying for a horror work, which is a peaceful end, but not all horror stories end in such a way, since I have not read very many horror stories, but enough to know what there should and should not be. Because of this, I cannot even compare it to things like the four Ring books, which was adapted into at least six movies (four in Japan and two in the US (one was a remake of the first Japanese film)), Ju-On, or others. The series ends well and answers many of the questions.


While the episode was good, there was one thing that I kind of did not like. Kouichi, when contacting Misaki, does not even bother leaving the burning building. Yes, it would help, if Misaki stayed in the building too, but the conversation he had could have led to death by smoke inhalation, which is what caused people to die in fires, unless the fire is on their own body of course. However, I cannot really put this against the episode, since some of the most action-packed scenes were in fiery backdrops. Also, if Kouichi died from smoke inhalation Misaki and many others would have too. As this is fiction, and not real life though, this even further puts this negative down to a pointless rant. There was not really anything else that was bad about this episode that I could find, being that this is the final episode. Outside of one rant, there really is not anything bad about the episode.

Just because there was not anything bad about this episode, does not mean that there is not anything wrong with the series. However, since this is just an episode review, I can only discuss things that are bad about the episode. As this seemed to have a satisfying end of a horror story, as well as a mystery, I can safely say that I can still recommend this to fans of horror and mystery.

What are your opinions of episode 12 of Another? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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