Anime Review: Another Episode 5

February 14, 2012


It certainly feels good that I am reviewing television episodes as I watch them. I may not be able judge a show fairly until it is over, but the trade off is that I do not have to worry so much about losing my place. Today, I will be reviewing episode 5 of Another.

Since I gave a synopsis for the show already in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


In this episode, class 3 makes a rash decision on what to do about the recent events. Unfourtunately for Kouchi, the decision was about him. Before he found out what the class decided, the police come to ask Kouchi about Mizuno's death, since he was the last to hear from her when she was alive. Later, he asks for a class roster and notices that Misaki has been crossed off. Curious about the events that were happening and why everyone claimed she did not exist, Kouchi calls Misaki, in order to discuss the matter with her. When they meet, Misaki reveals the truth that Kouchi's classmates are hiding, including the question regarding her existence.


I really enjoyed this episode and the revelation was quite shocking. In my one of my past reviews, I guessed that the phone conversations held out doors became static because Misaki or something surrounding her caused such an event happen. Before I had access to the episode, I was already aware that my guess was incorrect, since I read the manga chapters past the point of the episode where I made the guess. I cannot say though that it ruined the surprise. The information Misaki revealed kind of made the creepy atmosphere surrounding her go away, but that did not remove entirely from the show. I also liked that it did not really turn into a The Sixth Sense rip off, since the fact that Kouchi was able to use his cell to call Misaki and the fact that her mother, at least according to Kouchi, knew she was there confirmed that Misaki did indeed exist. The creepy atmosphere itself kind of fades off into the shadows, making the mystery be the thing that holds the audiences' attention. However, it is not entirely gone because Misaki tells Kouchi that the reason students are labeled as non-existent is because that was the way the old class 3 figured out how to combat the events caused by what they called The Dead One. That entity is an individual that resides among living and has no exact detail that distinguish them from the living, since they have memories, a body, and a soul. The living dead is not an unheard concept for most of the world, since such ideas have been around as far back as, as far as I know, European Medieval Times, just like alchemy and the the transmutation circles that became the basis for alchemy in Hiromu Arakawa's FullMetal Alchemist. However, the living dead in those times were vastly different than humans, in terms of characteristics. However, in this show, the undead is no different than an ordinary, living being, which creates a creepy atmosphere in of itself. Another thing that seemed good is that Kouchi gets to experience what Misaki does, as he is labeled as non-existent. No, it is not a good thing for one's existence to ignored, but going through it oneself sure does have the possibility understanding the experience better. Kouchi got to experience what Misaki's life was like and he got closer to the truth of what was going on in the school.

There is not really anything I can say that takes down the show too much in quality. The creepy atmosphere almost faded away completely, but that is pretty much all that comes to mind. That does not take down quality though. If this were strictly categorized as a horror show, that would have certainly have done damage to the show, since it is not even half way done yet, unless of you were to pay Crunchyroll to see episode 6 this week, which I have been considering since I heard some thoughts from somebody satisfied with what they get from paying them and this show is not the only simulcast I watch there.

Because the almost complete disappearance of a creepy atmosphere was the only thing that came to mind, which does not damage the show as it is currently categorized. I am a bit unsure, but I still recommend this show to fans of horror, holding out hope that future episodes will return the creepy atmosphere. However, I certainly do recommend this to mystery fans because the mystery aspect still remains.

What are your thoughts on episode 5 of Another? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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