Anime Review: Another Episode 8

March 5, 2012


Well, I was not sure if I could get to watch all of the new episodes of the shows I watch online. However, I luckily got done with what I needed to do for the day, with only one exception. I do have other things to do, but those are not as important. Today, I will be reviewing episode 8 of Another.

As I gave a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


In this episode, Kouchi and his classmates take a trip to the beach, in order to discover a lead into stopping the events that are happening in Yomiyama, as they heard that somebody took responsibility for ending the tragedy that happened 15 years ago. As the beach is located outside Yomiyama, everyone thinks that they are safe. During the trip, Kouchi notices Misaki and she joins in on the group's fun. A few moments later, the man they are looking for arrives.


I liked the episode a lot. It makes you think that this is just a peaceful episode dealing with just information gathering, but the creepy atmosphere shows up. The tension of something expected to happen upon leaving Yomiyama on the road trip also held my interest throughout their entire drive, especially since they were situated somewhere where they could easily be killed on the road. I also liked how the tension was relieved enough for them to enjoy the beach, but the creepy atmosphere returns on the beach itself. Supposedly, the deaths are not supposed to happened outside Yomiyama, but they do. Also, the man that they wanted to talk to said that he was certain, without any doubt, that he had seen Reiko recently. Even if I try not to spoil anything, Reiko is looking more suspicious. She may or may not be involved with the incidents either 26 or 15 years ago, but there just seems to be a whole lot that we do not know, and the fact that she cannot remember much about her past, as well as anyone else, means that something is definitely up with her. In the beginning, we were focus on Misaki being the cause, especially with students saying that she does not exist. Now, things are pointing towards somebody else, due to what happened at the beach after the man said that he saw Reiko. Things go nicely between a creepy atmosphere and a peaceful get away pretty well.


I cannot really say that there is anything that is bad about this episode. The creepy atmosphere was still there and mysteries abound, which is how the show should be. However, I could have let this episode be peaceful all of the way through, since they are at the beach. The reason I could not deal with such in episodes 5 and 6 was that Yomiyama had a creepy atmosphere to begin with, but did not stay consistently creepy in those two episodes and the fact that horror stories should still have a creepy atmosphere around the halfway point and beyond. Outside of Yomiyama is a great place to have an entirely peaceful scene. Then again, the beach episode is one of those clichéd episode types in Japanese animation and manga, just like the hot spring episode that makes an appearance in various other series too. The beach scene that is clichéd are always peaceful beach visits. I guess if this episode were like that, it would be just like any other animated series in Japan.

With nothing to find wrong, I cannot find any reason to avoid this series. The fact that the beach trip in this episode was not entirely peaceful makes this a really unique series. The continued presence of the creepy atmosphere, even outside Yomiyama, makes this a definite plus for fans of horror. For that reason and the fact that the creepy atmosphere has yet to disappear, like it did in episodes 5 and 6, I am a bit more confident in recommending the series to fans of horror. The mystery aspect has still stayed pretty consistent, which means that this series is still for fans of mystery as well.

What are your opnions on episode 8 of Another? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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