Anime Review: FMAB: The Blind Alchemist

June 22, 2012


I meant to get to this earlier, but I kept on forgetting. Like I said in an earlier post, I got two shows from iTunes. Today, I will review another OVA, which is called FMAB: The Blind Alchemist.


In this OVA, Ed and Alphonse Elric hear about a case where human transmutation was performed successfully, in the hopes that they can get their bodies back. However, the household where the transmutation was performed seems to give off a suspicious atmosphere and the one who performed the transmutation cannot give any details to the brothers, even though they prove themselves trustworthy enough.


Even though I saw this already in Japanese, I liked this better in English. Everything just made more sense. The premise does drag one in, which is what a storyline should do. Being short, it seems to have good pacing. I also liked how it showed how some people try to cover something up in the OVA. As it is a big spoiler, I will not say what exactly the cover up was about. However, it shows how much we think that people cannot handle truth, even though the characters in the OVA did it out of sympathy. People want transparency and honesty in our world, but that will never be the case for years to come. After all, human nature is all a big façade. Men do not tell women if something makes them look fat. Instead, they lie. The IPCC supposedly refuses to acknowledge scientists that do not believe we cause Global Warming. There are even people complaining about the presence of carbon in our atmosphere, when it is the building block and/or needed to live by almost every living thing. Why else do colleges have classes in organic chemisty? We also have government officials all over the world that say one thing and do another. The OVA is easier to understand in English and has an intriguing and well-paced plot. It does also show a bit of what we are like around people.


Despite the fact that I liked it better in English, I cannot really say that enjoyed this OVA as much as the other one. Ed and Al did not really learn anything that we were not already aware of, nor was it funny. While, I do like that the characters met by Ed and Al do reveal that they are putting up a farce for an understandable reason, a lie can only go so far before people find out the truth. After all, how long will it be until we find how efficient our technology or other products are now? For example, some people have been complaining in the US about how their dishes are not really clean, then find out a law in the State of Washington, and few other States according to, that banned dish washer detergents that had Phosphates was the cause, since some of the manufacturers do not want to make a detergent with Phosphates and another that was Phosphate-free. All of that was done in the name of protecting the environment. Obama is still complaining to this day that Bush has caused everything wrong in the US economy, even though Obama has now been in office for more than 2 years. However, those are not part of the focus of this blog. As for the characters in this OVA, I think they should have just revealed the truth. If somebody fails at something, instead of putting on an act, I think that it would best to just tell them nicely that they failed and help them overcome the grieve that came. After all, it is exactly the same way that one overcomes losing a loved one or, as I experienced this year, a beloved pet. A lie, even if done out of pity or love, will eventually be revealed as a lie, thus it should be avoided. The OVA itself, in addition to not acknowledging that the lie will be found out, does not really add anything, nor is it funny.

Even though it was decent, I have to say that this was not really that enjoyable. Nothing new is learned and nothing was really that funny. Because not everything about FMA is funny, though the humor in it is what makes the series enjoyable, I will certainly recommend this OVA to current fans of FMA. For everyone else, I think it would be best to skip this until you become familiar with the story of FMA.

What are your opinions on FMAB: The Blind Alchemist? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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