Anime Review: FMAB: The Tale of Teacher

June 12, 2012


Things seem to still be going good here, huh? I got some new anime this week from iTunes. However, I have not gotten around to watching all of them. The one that I got around to viewing was an OVA collection. As the videos were not related to each other, plot-wise, I will be going over them individually. Today, I will be reviewing FMAB: The Tale of Teacher.


In this OVA, Izumi is on a search to find the famous alchemist, Silver Steiner, to train her in alchemy. When she thinks that she found him, she requests him to take her on as an apprentice. In order to be accepted though, she has to survive for 31 days in the area where the Briggs' soldiers are stationed. Later, Izumi and Sig meet each other for the first time.


Even though I saw this already in Japanese, it was still very enjoyable. Izumi, like Edward and Alphonse Elric, had no idea what wilderness survival had anything to do with alchemy. I guess this is where Izumi got the idea for her qualifying test, since she realized the same thing Ed and Al realized on their little island. It was also funny how she continually took down Briggs soldiers, in order to steal their rations, and even took down a bear with her own strength, since she only had a knife to kill it with. Normally, nobody should be able to take down a bear single-handedly with a blade, let alone an 18-year old woman. In fact, everyone I know would prefer to kill a bear with a firearm or other long-range weapon. The other thing that was funny was that when Izumi survived the 31 days, Steiner did accept her, but not as an apprentice of Alchemy, instead, he accepted her as a martial arts apprentice. She did tell him she wanted learn alchemy the first time they met. However, I do not think it got through to Steiner, which made things really funny. My, that was a major spoiler, but it just adds to how funny things were. The OVA was really funny and we got to see where Izumi got the idea to have Ed and Al survive on island before accepting them.


There is not really anything that I can think of that is bad about this OVA, since the humor overshadows the only thing that I can think of that is bad, which is just a minor issue, so there are not really any problems worth mentioning.

Because the humor outweighs any bad, even the most minor that I can think of at the moment, I can say that this was a great watch. I would recommend this to fans of FMA or those that just want to see something really funny.

What is your opinion of FMAB: The Tale of Teacher? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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