Anime Review: Inuyasha: The Final Act Episode 5

November 5, 2012


Because of the delay in being able to post, due to family business, I have a feeling that I will be covering two episodes of each of my season passes this week. Today, I will be reviewing Inuyasha: The Final Act episode 5.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


After having obtained a new form of Tessaiga, Inuyasha has some trouble wielding it. When told by Totosai that Inuyasha is the problem, Inuyasha and the gang seek out, upon the suggestion of Totosai, the Great Holy Demon Spirit in order for Inuyasha to be able to wield the new form of Tessaiga. Meanwhile, Moryomaru is still trying to strength his shell and Sesshomaru confronts him in battle with Tenseiga's newly awakened abilities.


I thought this episode was okay. It was nice to see that Inuyasha was not able to just swing his sword to use his new abilities. It just seems kind of pointless to gain new abilities and already know how to use them. It was also nice that Inuyasha used some different attacks for the first time in a while. Ever since he got his sword back in the first anime, he has been using it nonstop, even on small fry. At the same time, it was obvious because he was unable to draw Tessaiga. The humor and action that fans expect is still present though. Outside of those, I can really think of much to say. It was nice that Inuyasha was not able to automatically wield the new form of Tessaiga properly, unlike the last one that comes to mind, which is the adamant form, as well as the fact that the things that fans expect are still around.


Although the episode was decent, there were certainly issues. However, I can't really think of anything that I either have not complained about already and the fans do not really seem to care that this is a contender for the new DBZ, I will say that there is nothing worth mentioning.

Considering that I have nothing to complain about, I will say that this is a pretty decent episode. Due to the fact that this show is not newcomer friendly, I only recommend this to fans of Inuyasha.

What are your thoughts on Inuyasha: The Final Act episode 5? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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