Anime Review: Un-Go Episode 4

November 4, 2012


I hope everyone had a good Halloween. I was busy compiling last month's posts and putting them in the 2012 ebook archive, which I knew I could have completed in a day, but I was held up by family business. Otherwise, I would have already covered the week's episodes of Un-go and Inuyasha: The Final Act. Speaking of those shows, today, I will be reviewing Un-go episode 4.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


After having uncovered the truth behind Kazamori, new questions arise, such as who actually died. If that is not enough, it seems that other people are after the truth of the Sasa household. Yuki must now reveal the whole truth of the case.


I am not too sure about this one. I did like how most of the stuff from the last episode was discussed, as well as who really died in the recent fire. The other thing that was nice was the surprising fact that the live-in doctor was not real either. However, it makes some sense because he is not often seen. After all, a live-in doctor does need to eat just like everyone else. On the other hand, since I do not recall seeing any of the characters eat anything, I can see how that would not become very suspicious, to the viewer. The fact that this case was much deeper than just the recent murder case certainly makes this an interesting episode.


Although this case was made a bit more interesting, there were certainly some issues. First, this just did not seem like a good attempt at a faked death. As Yuki said in this episode, the cameras from the previous episode made it obvious that somebody was watching. Honestly, the faked death from And Then There Were None was much better done, as we really did not know the truth of what happened until the very end. Another thing that was not so great was that this episode really creeped me out. I could not find the true age demographic of this show, but this episode just did not seem to fit the shonen category. Kazamori talks about things that appeal to human's lustful desires, talking about and doing weird stuff. Fortunately, Inga stops Kazamori. However, things do not just end there. Apparently, the person behind everything is just as sick. I am sure glad that he was arrested, even if he is right that governments can make things illegal so they have exclusive access to things. Outside of that, I cannot really think of anything else. While the case had some interesting thing this episode, the fact that somebody faked their death in a way that was not as well done as And Then There Were, and an AI and the main culprit are sick really makes this episode look not so great.

Despite the fact that the case was not as simple or uninteresting as the previous episodes, the fact that some characters seem creepy really made me think that this was not worth watching. Fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction may like that this is case is not so cut and dry, which may make it recommendable. As for everyone else, this may be work skipping because of how creepy a few things were.

What are your thoughts on Un-Go episode 4? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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