Anime Review: Another Episode 10

March 19, 2012


Well, I got back from my trip safely, though you guys have not really went too long without a post. Things are still a bit chilly, even though it is supposedly the week of spring equinox. Today, I will be reviewing episode 10 of Another.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


In this episode, Kouchi's class finally leaves for the trip that I talked about in the review of episode 7. Everyone seems nervous, not knowing if this trip will even stop the incidents. Later, we learn of Misaki's real past, the true beginning of the supposed curse, some information about Misaki's eye that is normally covered with an eye patch, and how to end the string of incidents.


I really enjoyed this episode. The creepy atmosphere was still ever present, but the best part is the revelations held within this episode. For example, everybody believes that everything started in May and was caused by Kouchi. Up until now, we believed that was the case, no questions asked. However, Misaki reveals that things started in April, before Kouchi came to school, which eliminates Kouchi from the equation. That leads me to wonder how it actually started, which I do not think Misaki knows. It makes sense for everyone to think Kouchu talking with Misaki caused it because they either did not know about or did not link April's death with May's, which was the first death we saw in the show. In addition with Kouchi being revealed to not be the cause, I was surprised that Misaki said she has a way of finding out who the dead one is, even who is going to die next. Ever since the first mention of such an entity, we were told that there was no way to tell, except for body temperature and the memories somebody has. However, we at least know why Misaki covers that eye. Another surprising thing, though probably not important, is that Misaki was adopted. Now, adopted children are not uncommon in our society, but it is not that common in fiction. What is so surprising is that the day Kouchi first met Misaki, she said she was giving something to her other half, which she then said was her cousin. However, she reveals in this episode that the Misaki in the hospital was actually Misaki's twin sister. This kind of makes me wonder if the third Misaki, Yomiyama, who we learned about in episode 6, is also related to Misaki. However, it is probably not important, which we will not know until the final episode. Furthermore, it was nice that we finally found out how Matsunaga stopped the string of incidents 15 years ago by killing somebody, who turned out to be the dead one. Killing somebody that is dead is not new, since the old vampire myths and movies make mention of such things. However, with the entity here being so much like a living person, not a monster, I would think that it would be tough to kill them, unless the person doing it is a murderer already. I liked how surprising the revelations were from Misaki's cousin actually being her sister, as well as the first victim, and the purpose of Misaki's eye patch to how to end the curse.


Being 5/6 of the way through the show, I cannot find anything really wrong here, especially since Kouchi and company are keeping things to themselves, so the outbursts that do happen make some sense. The revelations would have ruined things, had they happened earlier in the series, but at this point, things should be revealing themselves. After all, it would be quite bad if they do not reveal how to kill the dead one until they encounter the said entity.

Due to the fact that everything has been quite good so far, I am glad that I watched this show. The creepy atmosphere has yet to disappear and should not do so until the final episode, which airs next week, but I will not have access to it until April, or two. The unknown, which mystery fans like, is also still here, and like the creepy atmosphere, should not disappear until the final episode or two. For those reason, I recommend the series to fans of mystery and/or horror.

What are your opinions of episode 9 of Another? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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