Anime Review: Another Episode 6

February 20, 2012


The blog almost went without a post today, huh? Well, I did not really forget about it. I was busy playing The Sims 3 again. Anyway, I finally got around to watching a new episode now. Today, I will be reviewing episode 6 of Another.

As I already covered the show synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


In this episode, Misaki continues explaining why class 3 labels people as non-existent. Kouchi does not think it is right, but Misaki said that it was only thing they knew could work. When finished explaining things, Misaki welcomes Kouchi to the life of a non-existent, though he already had at least one day's worth of non-existence. Later, Chibiki explains how things started and the pattern, even stating that claiming that people do not exist does always work. We also introduced via Chibiki to a third Misaki, who was male, thereby erasing any doubt about the town's stories possibly referring to Mei. Also, Kouchi hears from his father that it had only been 1.5 years since Kouchi was last in the town, not the 15 or so that he guessed.


Although this was my second time around watching this episode, I still enjoyed it. Yes, I know that it became available for free viewing today, but I tried the free trial from Crunchyroll, only testing it for two or so days. I cancelled it early because two weeks is too short to determine how useful the service is to people, when it highly focuses on weekly simulcasts. Anyway, that is for a different topic, so I will get back to the topic at hand. It was not surprising that Kouchi's classmates did not want to tell him to ignore Misaki, since he was already talking with her. They kind of knew he had met her and still talked to her, even though they said she did not exist. I was also surprised to find out that there may have been a possibility of Kouchi being in the area between the time he was born and now. This leads into much of the intrigue. Why was he there before? If his father is lying, why would he lie? Another interesting thing that happened is that the static in the middle of phone conversations came back, but Kouchi was inside, which is a little strange. In an earlier post, I made a guess that talking about Misaki caused the static, but I ultimately found I was wrong. However, the fact that it happened in the conversation between Kouchi and his father, gives me one new possibility. It could be that talking about anybody that does not exist or to them will cause the static, as a result of the so-called charm. There lies another possibility too, but revealing it this point may spoil things, so I will not discuss it. The last thing that caught my interest was that Chibiki was blaming himself for causing the events to occur in the first place. What exactly did he do that, as he claims, brought class 3 as close to death as it is now? The static is back, which adds to the mystery of what is causing the events to occur. The episode's main appeal was all mystery and unanswered questions.


Even though I did enjoy this episode, there is something bugging me. My biggest problem is that the creepy atmosphere is no longer present. Last episode, there was at least something of a creepy atmosphere and I said that the almost complete lack of it did not do much damage, unless it was strictly categorized as horror. However, this being the supposed halfway point, and the second episode that did not have any that all much creepiness, in a row, that certainly that hurt the show a bit. The only thing that could have brought it back is a bit of a spoiler, so I do not want to discuss it outside of hope that it brings the creepy atmosphere back. The lack of a creepy atmosphere throughout most of the supposed halfway point is not really a good thing and takes the show's quality down a bit.

Things were looking bright for this show in the early episodes, but due the fact that there have been two episodes in a row that lacked a creepy atmosphere for most of the episode, I am questioning whether or not this is being done well or not. I was hoping that this would be up there with FullMetal Alchemist and Death Note, in terms of quality, not popularity. Both shows have their downs, the latter of which many people seem to agree on what the worst part of it was in the show. I am willing to say right now that fans of horror may not want to see this show now, but for continuity's sake, it would best to stick with it, if following the series already. I hope that the creepy atmosphere comes back next episode though, since the continued lack will increasingly takes down the show's quality. The questions and statements brought up in this episode do hold interest though, so I certainly recommend this to mystery fans, since there is certainly a lot that needs to be explained.

What are your thoughts on episode 6 of Another? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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