Anime Review: Another Episode 3

February 8, 2012


It looks like I am making good progress on catching up to where I am currently at in the show I am currently watching. As I said, there are currently four episodes available for streaming freely. Today, I am going to review episode 3 of Another.

Since I covered the show synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


In this episode, Misaki, unknowingly to Kouchi, discusses what could be her past with Kouchi. However, he does find out that the Misaki that died in the hospital was Misaki's cousin. His classmates seem to want him to not investigate the story surrounding the death and reappearance of a student named Misaki. Kouchi continues to try and piece things together though by discussing the matter with his aunt, since Misaki told him it occurred 26 years ago and his aunt attended his school 14 or so years ago. His aunt tells him that the story has been embellished and may not be good to look in to. Later, his classmate, Yukari Sakuragi, slips on the stairs and dies from being impaled by her umbrella.


This is turning out to definitely be not just a horror series. I am definitely enjoying the series for both the horror and mystery. As I said in the review of the first episode, the manga is categorized in horror and it even keeps up the creepy atmosphere, but it moreso surrounds Misaki in this episode than the town and school. However, the manga also bills itself as a mystery. The mystery aspect has been present since the first episode, but the horror aspect seemed to outshine it in the first two episodes. Even though I have already seen the first four episodes, and I cannot access the fifth episode until next week, I am still wondering how Misaki can be there, yet nobody except Kouchi can see here. There is also the fact that Misaki and Kouchi's classmates claim that Misaki does not exist; yet Sakuragi told Kouchi not to talk about Misaki, before she died from the fall. I smell something like a rip off of The Sixth Sense coming up, but that is not necessarily a true verdict yet, since this is supposedly only a quarter of the way through the show, if it is true that there will only be twelve episodes. All of those certainly keep me poised to continue watching the show until the end.


I cannot really find anything bad, which will take down the quality of the series. The only thing was just annoyance, but as it fits with the mystery aspect, I am not going to discuss it. After all, like other mystery series, there are things that people want to hide. The atmosphere still has the creepy aura that a horror series should have. Because of those facts, everything certainly seems right.

Being a quarter of the way through, I did not find anything that reduces the quality of the series, only a minor annoyance that should be there anyway. Being that the mystery aspect was more prevalent in this episode than the previous two, I would certainly suggest mystery fans watch this series, in addition to horror fans. I'm not sure on everyone else, but the series is still worth a try.

What is your opinion on episode 3 of Another? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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