Anime Review: Another Episode 4

February 9, 2012


Finally, I caught up to where I left off. It was not too hard, as I watched the available ones quickly. Now, I will only be will to make reviews when I can. Today, I will review episode 4 of Another.

Since I gave a synopsis of the show in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


In this episode, things continue from where the last episode ended. The death of Sakuragi seems to have gotten to class, but that does not stop Kouchi from investigating the events surrounding Misaki. He meets Mizuno, his nurse from the previous episodes, and tells her outright that the person is trying to learn more about is Mei Misaki, not her cousin. Later, He demands his classmates tell him what exactly happened 26 years ago, but they refuse to do so, even though one of them promised to tell him. During the conversation, Mizuno calls Kouchi asking if Misaki really does exist, because her brother was insistent that she did not. Before any further discussion could be made, Mizuno suffers an accident in the elevator she took down, which killed her.

Things are getting even more interesting. The creepy atmosphere is still present. Something definitely seems to be revolving around Misaki because Mizuno's and Kouchi's conversation did become a bit static, but the line was not cut off, instead Kouchi heard the elevator slam to ground. Another point that seems to link Misaki to the events is that she herself says that something is certainly happening, by saying the possibility was 100%. Now, this episode is where I kind of get my idea of why the static in phone conversations happened. I think that the static only happens when people discuss Misaki over a phone in the open. The static did not seem to happen when Kouchi talked about Misaki while in his room and Mizuno was most likely in the hospital. Also there is the fact that Misaki said she hated phones. However, this is all a pure guess, so I can be wrong. The deaths themselves are a mystery though because one person was almost killed by being impaled by shards of glass. The mystery and creep atmosphere still intrigue me and events have somewhat led to a guess of why some phone conversation had static, but the questions have yet to be answered.


There still does not seem to be anything wrong as of yet with this series, but things could likely change. For something that is categorized and both horror and mystery, things are how they should be in this series.

As there has not been anything wrong, so far, I do not see any reason why I cannot recommend this series. However, as this series has yet to be over, I cannot gauge exactly who will enjoy it. I still do recommend this series to fans of mystery and horror though, as the presence of both is quite strong.

What is your opinion on episode 4 of Another? Do you agree or disagree with me? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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