Nice Stroll

Not much has been going on since our trip to the San Diego Zoo. After all, it seemed to take a lot out of the group. However, the last member of our group showed up today, during the latter part of the trip. A few hours after he came, I went on a walk with […]

San Diego Zoo

I was going to wait to post this, but I changed my mine. I arrived in San Diego two days. Today, which I probably will consider the third day, I went with my family to the San Diego Zoo. Unlike our trip to La Jolla, this was actually very enjoyable. Unfortunately, I was worn out […]


A while back, on the Written Adventure blog, which I used to run for college and is now defuncted, I wrote a post on why perfectionism in writing, or anything for that matter, is not good. It is available somewhere on Tumblr. They were going to be moved over here, unfortunately I could not load […]

Networking: Ports

In my upcoming title, Dubious Mystery Tour, the protagonist complains about people using the airport’s Internet access for things that are normally used in businesses, such as VPN. His complaint mentions ports. Today, we will be talking about ports. What are ports? Are you talking about ships? No, there are many kinds of ports, including […]

Back up Your Blog

Well, just recently, I successfully converted fifteen of the sixteen posts that I perviously made over to an ebook format. This reminded me of something that is very important to do, which is to back up data, especially blogs that people run. Today, I will be talking about a few ways to backup a blog. […]

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