Networking: Ports

In my upcoming title, Dubious Mystery Tour, the protagonist complains about people using the airport’s Internet access for things that are normally used in businesses, such as VPN. His complaint mentions ports. Today, we will be talking about ports. What are ports? Are you talking about ships? No, there are many kinds of ports, including […]

Back up Your Blog

Well, just recently, I successfully converted fifteen of the sixteen posts that I perviously made over to an ebook format. This reminded me of something that is very important to do, which is to back up data, especially blogs that people run. Today, I will be talking about a few ways to backup a blog. […]

Last Days of Borders

Today, this post will be the last post for July. I will be busy compiling posts into an ebook format. However, for now, I will get into the topic for today, which is just a personal post. Recently, there has been news and emails have confirmed that Borders book store is going out of business. […]

Apple TV 2

Well, I have yet to have a post talking about technology other than ebooks. To remedy this, I have decided to talk about a finding that I just made. Today, I will be talking about the Apple TV 2G and getting the one thing that the first generation had into it. What is the Apple […]

Anime Review: FMAB Part 5

After waiting so long, I finally got my copy of the last episodes of a series that has been an all-time favorite. Today’s post is a review of FMAB Part 5. What is the show about? Two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, have committed a grave mistake and paid for it dearly. Edward lost an […]

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